JOH NORTH DAY 49 (Day 63) Pittsburgh, PA to Uniontown, PA

Total Time: 1:57.09
Miles: 34.09
Avg Speed: 16.8 mph
Max Speed: 22.8 mph
4 days without a flat tire
18 flat tires in
Status: completed
Rode with: Mike Jones and Beau

Today is August 37

Woke up at 5:30

Racked Bike to get breakfast at Chik fil a with the team

Ride out at around 8:30

Beginning of the ride had poor terrain on the roads

The ride had a lot of hills, many of them were very hard to keep momentum

27 miles in there was a really steep hill that was tough to go over. I got exhausted going up but eventually made it through

Continued riding and eventually made it to the YMCA. Managed to finish first.

Went white water rafting with the team and it was cool. I fell in a really strong rapid and it was really scary. There were times the current put me underwater and I thought I was going to die. Thankfully that did not happen but I was rattled.

Had dinner with Knights of Columbus and it was nice. Ate pasta for the ride tomorrow. Some members played corn hole, volleyball, or horshoe.

Returned to lodging and pretty much prepared for a tough ride to Maryland tomorrow. Going to be dealing with steeper hills that are shorter.




JOH NORTH DAY 48 (Day 61, 62) Niles, OH to Pittsburgh, PA

Total Time: 5:05.44
Miles: About 81.75
Avg Speed: 16 mph
Max Speed: 65.9 mph
3 days without a flat tire
18 flat tires in
Status: completed
Rode with: Jeff and Sanjeev

*Today is July 36

*woke up at 5:30 and followed the same routine we did so far on this trip.

*breakfast was a bagel, juice pizza and fried chicken?

*Prepared for the ride ahead. Jeff ended up pulling all the miles on the ride. I stayed back and pretty much relaxed and made sure the pace line stayed tight.

*The ride was similar to yesterday. The roads sucked at the beginning, there were many rolling hills that were steeper than what we normally rode on. I had trouble keeping my momentum when going up hills.

*Entered Pennsylvania 30 miles in. The state line was really bland. It also wasn’t too welcoming. I guess that’s why Philly fans are obnoxious.

*Continued riding and on mile 75 the team stopped at a bike route to ear Chipotle that was a sponsored lunch. The path was also near an abandoned penitentiary.

*Arrival was fun and we rode 6 miles through the path. The path went near the Pirates stadium. That was pretty awesome. When we arrived to the friendship visit, we met up with Build America again and helped bring a Dragon Boat in a lake.

*Lodging was at a hotel in the University of Pittsburgh.

*Went to dinner / team event at a bowling alley. I got 127 one game and 118 the next.

*Returned to lodging and went out with the guys for the night. It was fun.

*Tomorrow is a day off and wake up is at 7:30. Sweet.







*Today is July 37

*Final day off of the trip. It was pretty chill.

*Woke up late at 7:50

*Breakfast was sponsored at 8:30 and the food was amazing

*Cut my hair into a Mohawk. Peer pressure.

*Friendship visit / lunch at a center. Ate local food in Pittsburgh and met some cool people.

*Returned to lodging at 1:30 and washed my kit.

*4:30 went to a dinner/ friendship visit at a camp and we told the campers of our experience in JOH. Truly moving.

*returned to lodging and started packing. 5:30 wakeup tomorrow

JOH NORTH DAY 47 (Day 60) Cleveland, OH to Niles, OH

Total Time: 3:32.59
Miles: About 55.56
Avg Speed: 16.4 mph
Max Speed: 37 mph
2 days without a flat tire
18 flat tires in
Status: completed
Rode with: Mike Jones and Mike (1996 Pi Alpha Ride Along)

*woke up at 5:45. Cleaned up the room I stayed at and did my routine.

*had a sponsored breakfast from a Pi Alpha and a JOH North 2012 memeber. The food was good.

*I was told yesterday that I would be riding with a Pi Alpha from 1996. He rode with the team the previous day, but I really felt honored to get an opportunity to ride with another person who was not on this team.

*Many crew members (Benny, Josh, Jesus) rode with the team as well. I was really worried for them today because the ride today had really steep hills, and some tough climbs that we have not encountered since Denver.

*There was another ride along named Jim. He did a 7 day relay across America and was also a Pi Alpha. He was a very strong rider.

*As the team went on the road we cycled through hills for the first 20 miles. I honestly forgot how tough it was getting up these hills. Luckily, we managed to make it up the hill.

*I learned a lot about how JOH was in the past from Mike. All I could say is that we are lucky about certain things (technology and lodging). The struggles that the team faced back then I really have to respect them for what they do.

*Rode through Amish area

*The ride became really flat and Mike was able to book it all the way to lodging. He enjoyed the ride and said he was sore. 13 years removed from riding on hills he did a great job.

*Ate lunch at lodging (fried chicken, potato wedges) then had a dance/friendship visit

*Ate dinner at Olive Garden

*Washed cars then went to the mall to buy gifts for a team member.

*Returned to lodging and rested up for the ride to Pittsburgh.


JOH NORTH DAY 46 (Day 58, 59) OH to Cleveland, OH

Total Time: 1:39.50
Miles: 33.5 miles
Avg Speed: 20 mph
Max Speed: 30.4mph
1 days without a flat tire
18 flat tires in
Status: racked due to an impossible time crunch
Rode with: Mike Jones and Sarubh

*Had a later wakeup and later ate breakfast at a restaurant

*The schedule was very tight so it was impossible for the team to ride all 60 miles into Cleveland. SCrew encourages the cyclists to ride as hard as possible. I know I wanted to. Not a lot of people did though. The most people rode in the allotted time was close to 35-36 miles and to at least break 30 in the allotted time really made me glad.

*We essentially had less than 2 hours to cycle and for once the ride was smooth and the terrain was a beauty. It lasted for a very long time even after we had to be racked.

*The team got racked around 10:30. We had to go to lodging on time to see the Cleveland Indians face the White Sox. We were late and did not arrive until the 3rd inning but I didn’t watch the game until the 5th inning because I got food. The game was fun to watch.

*Returned to lodging at Case Western Reserve University and we stayed in the Delta Gamma house. Rested a little.

*Dinner was at a park and it was great. There were many Pi Alphas and mothers in attendance and it was a good dinner.

*Went out with the guys and checked out the area briefly. It was kind of dull.


Woke up at 7 and had breakfast at a Children’s Hospital in Cleveland. It was well known nationally. We also had a tour of the place as well as a lunch. After lunch, we returned to lodging and later had dinner at Melt’s. the food over there was amazing. Two crew members tried a food challenge and were both unsuccessful. One guy was really close. Its funny because both are riding tomorrow. Hopefully the 3 pounds if cheese won’t affect them too much.

*returned to lodging and helped my brother write thank you letters to our sponsors since he was behind. We got a lot of letters done.

*Packing, blogging, sleeping, and preparing for the ride to Niles tomorrow.

JOH NORTH DAY 45 (Day 57) Toledo, OH to Sandusky, OH

Total Time: 3:56.28
Miles: About 66.06
Avg Speed: 16.8 mph
Max Speed: 26.4 mph
0 days without a flat tire
18 flat tires in
Status: completed
Rode with: Alberto and Doug

*Wake up was at 5 AM. The massage really did wonders and I was still walking fine. That’s another requirement for potential girlfriends.
*Left the dorm and rode to the Pi Kapp house for breakfast. The houses at Toledo are owned by the University so the houses looked exactly the same. I wonder whose idea it was to have Pi Kapps house right next to Pike.

*Ride was similar to what we had before

*Doug was in awe for cycling to Cedar Point because every time he normally goes its from a car.

*I got a flat early on the ride. A big screw lodged in my rear tire and it kept hitting my rear brake. It made a huge sound.

*Continued to ride on and we had to pick up the pace to catch up. I pulled and went over 20 mph for 25 miles

*12 miles away from lodging Alberto went to another pace like since another team member got a flat.

*2 miles after Alberto left I got my second flat. Ironically it was the same way I got my first flat. It sucked and I really thought I was gonna get racked since I already used my spare tube and we were getting behind schedule. That did not happen luckily and I continued to pull hard.

*Eventually made it to the finish and had an arrival almost immediately to another friendship visit. The food was great and we had another quick dance. I really enjoyed the music but I had no energy to dance at that moment.

*Eventually went to lodging and rested for a little bit. Afterwords, the team went to Cedar Rapids

*Before entering the park we had a steak dinner sponsored. The food was awesome

*Cedar Point was a great amusement park. Since the day was mostly overcast, not a lot of people were at the park so the lines were short. There was a ride called GateKeeper that went over the entrance gate. It was a brand new ride and we waited for 15 minutes to get on the ride. It was awesome. For the short amount of time we were at the park, we went on 5 cool rides.

*Had a team meeting and prepared for the ride to Cleveland tomorrow.

JOH NORTH DAY 44 (Day 56) Ann Arbor, MI to Toledo OH

Total Time: 2:31.19
Miles: 42.64
Avg Speed: 17.1 mph
Max Speed: mph
8 days without a flat tire
16 flat tires in
Status: Racked due to time
Rode with: Alberto and Jeremy

*Woke up at 5:15 AM and exited my dorm room. Outside was still dark and chilly.

*Went to the Pi Kapp house to eat a sponsored breakfast. Nutella and croissants, lovely combo.

*Ride started around 7 AM and we all prepared to ride out of a college area.

*Rode over 3000 miles total on this trip

*The ride was not tough but it was really frustrating. Especially when we were leaving the city. The roads were horrible! There were so many bumps, cracks, potholes, and barely any shoulder, that we had to be very careful when cycling. At this point, we are all very good at it and left the city unharmed.

*I began pulling at mile 12. I was pulling pretty good. The weather was also warning up so I quickly took off my gear. My pace line was going fast and then a scary moment happened to me on mile 16. There were tracks approaching, and I was going to pass them how I normally did on this trip. However, the tracks were diagonal and there were larger gaps than what u usually ride pass. While passing, I lost control of my bike, and fell off and rolled outside to the gravel. Alberto was right behind me and ran over my right leg. Whenever a fall happens when you lose control, it is one of the scariest things. Getting run over is even scarier Luckily I was able to walk and continued to ride. I was not the only person who fell. Another rider fell as well and got his bike messed up and that was very unfortunate. My leg was a little swollen and I had very minor scrapes.

*For the rest of the ride I tried to ride really carefully because the roads sucked and my leg was hurting. There were gravel roads that stretched for miles, similar conditions to the ones leaving the college area, Michigan did not treat us well for leaving. Kept on riding and around mile 39 Alberto got a flat tire from the poor roads. After fixing the flat, we were racked a couple miles later. All but 2 pace lines got racked today.

*We had an arrival at University of Toledo and it was cool. There was a lot of media, as well as politicians and Pi Kapps in the area. After arrival we had awesome sponsored lunch and spoke with slot of people.

*Fun friendship visit with some kids, I did bike safety (oh the irony), and ate dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Great food.

*Team waited a full year for a nassage and it was worth it. My leg and butt were really sore. The massage really helped out though.

*5AM wakeup tomorrow

JOH NORTH DAY 43 (Day 55) East Lansing, MI to Ann Arbor, MI

Total Time: 3:32.46
Miles: 64.77
Avg Speed: 18.2 mph
Max Speed: 29.9 mph
8 days without a flat tire
16 flat tires in
Status: completed
Rode with: Austin and Saraubh

*Awesome ride. Second time finishing first and I pushed myself really hard. Shout outs to Team Rainbow Unicorn for pushing harder, and for Nick, seeing how fast he was going inspired me to go harder like I was in the gym.
*6 AM wakeup. Followed daily routine
*Was supposed to ride with Jeremy but he told me Nick (the project manager who cycled last year. He is really good) and another rider from last year would be riding with him. I was a little upset to find out abruptly but I can see why he would so that.
*today was another chilly overcast day and I bundled up like I normally do. Luckily there was no rain today.
*The ride began chill, I was not trying too hard because my pace line was far behind everyone else ahead of us due to lights and some confusion.
*We managed to pass another pace line who had a crew member cycling today. I was still relaxing at this point.
*Relaxing was short lived when I saw the first 2 pace lines stop at a crew van. It was Nick, Jeremy, the ride along, Luke, Travis, and Sanjeev. I was going to stop at the can to take a knee, but I changed my mind and continued cycling. I wanted to see how long I could last with these guys. It ended up being less than a quarter mile before I got passed by both of them.
*The speed they were going was fast and this was around mile 18. I never seen cyclists ride as fast as these guys on low gears and I wanted to see if I could keep up and I was holding my own for 5 – 7 miles when I pulled. I thought about passing but thought it was pointless because we would only be passed immediately. My legs were burning, we passed a train that was moving, and I was only thinking about if I will use up all my energy because I was panting really hard. I fell back and Austin passed a pace line immediately.
*Staying with Jeremy’s pace line was tough. We all had a chance to catch up but the gap became too large at around 30 miles. I was going to stop at the next crew van and I saw those guys stop. I’m not stopping, the pace line will keep on marching. Again We wanted to see how long we could keep the lead. We were pushing it hard because we didn’t want to get caught.
*45 miles in we finally took a stop at a crew can. We realized that we were first and we were there for about 3 minutes. We were shocked no pace lines passed us. We were all still worried that we might be passed at any time so we switched our strategy to 2 mile pulls and tried averaging over 20 miles.
*The roads were flat, slight downhills, some climbing, but we kept momentum and continued booking it. I really improved on climbing up hills and I can usually cover a lot of ground which is cool.
*All in all we ended up finishing and arrived in University of Michigan’s Pi Kapp house. We ate pizza.
*We lodged at a dorm and went to a friendship visit to PEAC, an organization that helps all types of people learn to ride bikes.
*Dinner/ friendship visit was next. We had a mock rock. Thankfully we only danced once.